Utility Customer Services
Phone   (805) 388-5325
Fax   (805) 383-5637


New service, move/transfer service, or cancel service
Request for new service, move or transfer service, or to cancel services can be made in person in City Hall or over the phone by contacting customer service at 805-388-5325.  If you do not notify Customer Service of your move, you could be held responsible for any utility charges incurred after your move date.

There are several payment methods available:

  • By Mail – Please make checks or money orders payable to “City of Camarillo” and mail along with the bottom portion of the bill.  Credit card payments through the mail will NOT be accepted.  Allow sufficient time for mail service.  Postmark date is not considered date of payment.  Mail to:  City of Camarillo, PO Box 37, Camarillo, CA  93011-0037.
  • By Phone – If you wish to pay by phone with a Visa or MasterCard, you may do so during regular office hours.  Please call Customer Service at (805) 388-5325.  There is no service fee to pay over the phone.
  • In Person – The cashier is available during regular office hours.  Please bring the entire bill with you to the only authorized payment location, City Hall at 601 Carmen Dr.  We accept cash, check, money order, Visa and MasterCard.
  • Web Access – You can access your utility account by using, Click2Gov, the City of Camarillo’s secure website and make a credit card payment with either a Visa or MasterCard.
  • Payment Box – Payments may be placed in the payment box located in the parking lot at the public entrance to City Hall at 601 Carmen Dr.  Payments should include the bottom portion of the bill and a check or money order made payable to the City of Camarillo.  No cash or credit card payments.  Payments in the box will be processed the next business day.
  • Bill Pay – You may pay via your bank’s billpay service.  Please keep in mind, not all billpay payments are received electronically.  Some billpay payments are received as a check so please allow time for processing and mail service.  “Delivered by” or postmarks are not considered date of payments.

Automatic Payment from Checking Account (AutoPay)
To provide additional convenience to our customers, the City is offering an automatic bank debit service to utility billing customers.  The City will be able to process an automatic deduction from your checking account 2 business days before the bill is due.  You will continue to receive paper bills to know when and how much will be debited from your account.  To sign up for this service, simply complete the AutoPay form and send it in with a copy or voided check.  Please keep in mind it takes 2 billing cycles for the first draft to occur.  Once enrolled, it is your responsibility to contact customer service in writing of any changes or cancellations to your bank account.
The City of Camarillo bills for water, sewer and refuse service or any combination depending on the address.  There are eight billing cycles defined by geographic areas of the city.  Each cycle is billed monthly and payments are due immediately.

Rates – To view the current rates please click on the following links:
     Refuse rates
     Water/Sewer rates

Due Date and Penalties – Current charges are due and payable immediately.  The current charges become delinquent 21 days from the mailing date.  If not paid within this period, a 10% penalty will be applied.  If after 15 days payment is still not received, a shut off notice may be delivered and the service may be interrupted.  If your utilities have been disconnected for non-payment, in order to have your utilities reinstated, you must bring your account current by making a payment that includes any penalties, plus service and reconnection fees. If you feel there has been an error in your account, please call Customer Service at 388-5325.

Water Meter Readings - Water meters are read monthly and billed in hundred cubic feet (HCF).  You may access your water meter anytime to check how much water you’re using and whether you have a leak.  Most water meters are located in front of your home or business underneath a concrete or metal lid.  All the digits before the decimal are used as part of the reading.  To know how much water was used take the reading from the meter and subtract the reading from your most current bill.  To check if you have a leak, make sure the water is turned off inside and outside of property and then go to the meter.  None of the dials should be moving.  If a dial is moving then water is flowing and you may have a leak.  For emergency repairs: contact the water department during normal business hours at (805) 388-5373 or after hours at (805) 388-5325.

If you want to refer to any City Ordinance or Resolution please see the Camarillo Municipal Code