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Barrel Exchange Request Form


If your refuse (trash, yard waste, or recycling) barrel is damaged, you may request an exchange at no cost.  If your barrels are NOT damaged and you request an exchange there will be a fee. If you need to request an increase or decrease to your service, depending on the request, there will either be an increase or decrease in your monthly service charge.  You are allowed to change the level of service one time within a 12-month period at no charge.  To request an exchange you may either complete the form below or call customer service at (805) 388-5325 during normal business hours 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, excluding holidays. 

Barrel exchanges are scheduled on your next trash or recycle day.  Please have the barrels out and on the curb by 6:30 am and leave it out all day since it may be a few hours after it’s been dumped before a second truck comes around and does the exchange. 

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Note:  If the barrel is reported damaged and EJ Harrison and Sons determines the barrel to be in good condition, they may charge a service fee.