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Bus Pass

Camarillo Area Transit offers bus passes for each service and are only valid for local trips. Bus passes are available to purchase at Camarillo City Hall. The different types of passes and prices are listed below:

Monthly Pass
These passes are used as fare for local Dial-A-Ride trips within the City Limits and for Fixed Route trips. The Monthly passes are only valid for the calendar month and can be used an unlimited number of times before they expire.
* $120 General Purpose 
* $80 Senior (65+) & ADA

10-Ride Ticket
These passes have no expiration date, but are only good for 10 rides. These passes are not a discounted fare, but serve as a more convenient way to pay the fare.
* Local Dial-A-Ride
     * $30 General Purpose 
     * $20 Senior (65+) & ADA
* Fixed Route
     * $10 General Purpose 
     * $5 Senior (65+) & ADA
* Regional Dial-A-Ride
     * $60 Direct Service for Senior (65+) & ADA 
     * $30 Transfer Service for Senior (65+) & ADA