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Bingo & Non-Profit Solicitation

Bingo games are regulated by Section 326.5 of the Penal Code and City ordinance. Only certain non-profit organizations, mobile home park associations, senior organizations, and charitable organizations associated with school districts are eligible to apply for a bingo license. Please see Chapter 5.48 and 5.49 of the Municipal Code for regulations regarding bingo, and remote caller bingo licenses.


Non-profit solicitation permits are required for non-profit organizations wishing to solicit in public or door-to-door. All solicitors (including minors) are required to carry a permit. Once an application is filed, it takes approximately ten days to process the permit. Please see Chapter 5.28 of the Municipal Code for regulations regarding non-profit solicitation.
Non-profit Solicitation Application
Residents should always ask to see a solicitor's permit. This permit does not constitute an endorsement by the City of Camarillo, or any of its departments, officers or employees, of the organization, purpose of solicitation, or the persons listed hereon who have registered with the City Clerk for the purpose of this solicitation.
Where a "NO SOLICITORS" sign is posted, soliciting is against the law. Residents may contact the City Clerk's office or the Camarillo Police Department at 388-5100 if a solicitor violates this regulation or is not carrying a valid permit.