Kids and Bicycle Safety

 Kids Bike Safety

Bicycle riding is fun, healthy, and a great way to feel independent. But it is important to remember that a bicycle is not a toy—it’s a vehicle! According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the safest place for bicycle riding is on the street riding in the same direction as car traffic and obeying the same rules of the road as motorists.

However, children under 10 years old are not mature enough to make the decisions necessary to safely ride in the street.  Therefore, children under 10 are better off riding on the sidewalk. Be sure they know that anyone riding on a sidewalk should follow these guidelines:

• Watch for vehicles coming out of or turning into driveways.
• Stop at street corners to look for cars and to make sure that drivers see you before crossing.
• Enter a street at a corner and not between parked cars.
• Alert nearby pedestrians by saying “Excuse me” or “Passing on your left,” or use a bell or horn.

For more information, call (805) 388-5100 and ask for the Traffic Division.