Recycling News You Need to Know

Did you know that China controls 86 percent of the recycling market? It’s true!  And because of this, new restrictions that took effect on Jan. 1 in China will have an impact on literally anyone with a recycling bin. For this reason, Gold Coast Recycling needs your help when you recycle.

Here’s what you need to know—and what you can do to help:

KEEP IT CLEAN: Recycled items must be pristinely clean—to within 0.5 percent contamination, based on China’s new standards; if more than that tiny percentage of the recyclable item is non-recyclable, it will not be accepted.  PLEASE HELP: Be sure ALL items in your recycle bins and barrels are free of food and other non-recyclable materials.

LEARN WHAT NOT TO RECYCLE: No plastic bags. No synthetic packaging. No diapers. No waxed cardboard. … There’s a lot we can recycle, and there’s a lot we cannot. See the accompanying list, for details. PLEASE HELP: Learn what is NOT recyclable, and keep those items OUT of your bin.

PLASTIC IS THE DEMON: Bubble wrap and Styrofoam are at the top of a long list of troublesome synthetics that are non-recyclable and widely used. In addition to packaging, the non-recyclable plastics problem extends to everyday items such as straws, disposable utensils, sandwich and trash bags.  PLEASE HELP: Avoid using non-recyclable items. When you must use them, dispose of them in your REGULAR TRASH BIN.

Please make it your business to be an active and informed participant in your waste disposal.  The future depends on it.

Boxes and other cardboard
Cans (aluminum and metal cans)
Cartons (milk, juice cartons, etc.)
Glass containers
Hard plastics (Nos. 1-7)
Paper/junk mail

Food-contaminated cardboard (used pizza boxes, etc.)
Hazardous waste (batteries, tires, electronics, etc.)
Medical sharps (needles, etc.)
Soft plastics (bubble and shrink wrap, plastic bags, etc.)
Straws and plastic utensils
Waxed cardboard

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