Economic Development Strategic Plan

The Camarillo City Council recently approved an Economic Development Strategic Plan to help guide the City's efforts towards furthering economic vitality within Camarillo. The plan is available for viewing/download here:  EDSP

The City of Camarillo Economic Development Strategic Plan (EDSP) provides the strategic framework to guide the City's economic development policies and programs over the next five to ten years. It was developed with comprehensive research and a robust community/stakeholder outreach program. The overarching goal of the EDSP is to foster high quality economic growth within Camarillo. The EDSP is intended to be a dynamic document that relies on the participation of a diverse group of business and community members to achieve the long-term goals outlined in the plan.

For more information on economic development in the City of Camarillo contact: Georg Winkler, Economic Development Coordinator, at (805) 388-5369 or [email protected].