Message from Clean Power Alliance (Post Date: 7/17/19)

Over the past few months, SCE had several issues with its billing system that caused delays in the issuance of bills, or the issuance of incomplete bills, to some customers served by Community Choice Aggregation programs, including Clean Power Alliance (CPA). Approximately 10% of CPA customers have been impacted. CPA apologizes for the inconvenience caused by SCE’s billing system issues.

SCE has advised CPA that it fixed the issues that caused the current problems and that the number of impacted customers is not increasing. CPA is now collaborating with SCE to clear the backlog of outstanding charges. Clearing that backlog means that over the next few months, SCE will be sending bills to impacted customers that contain two or more billing periods for any CPA charges that SCE failed to include in customer bills over the past few months. Customers may also see SCE charges that were missed.

Customers who are seeing higher than normal bills are not being charged extra and are not being double-billed. These customers are being billed for past electricity usage that SCE either did not apply to their prior bills or did not bill them for at all. No late fees or penalties will be applied and if the higher than normal monthly bills are a financial burden, customers are encouraged to contact SCE at 800-655-4555 to arrange a payment plan.