Camarillo Ranch to Remain Open for Business (Post Date: 6/18/19)

Camarillo, California – The Camarillo City Council wants to assure the community that the Camarillo Ranch will remain open for business as discussions continue between the City and the Camarillo Ranch Foundation Board of Directors concerning Ranch operations.

There will be no interruption of service for events that are currently scheduled to take place at the Camarillo Ranch. All weddings and other private events that have been booked to date will remain as scheduled, and weddings and other private events will continue to be booked at the venue. Community events, including the increasingly popular Throwback Thursday Food Truck events, will proceed as scheduled.

In the spirit of cooperation and appreciation for the preservation of Adolfo Camarillo’s legacy, the City is committed to working closely with the Camarillo Ranch Foundation Board of Directors over the next ninety days to determine the best approach to preserve the Camarillo Ranch for the community.  It is expected that the City will either: enter into a new lease agreement with the Camarillo Ranch Foundation for the operation of the Camarillo Ranch; or, pursue an operational model independent of the current Board. In either case, the Camarillo City Council is dedicated to ensuring the continued operation of the Camarillo Ranch as an important historical and community asset offering tours, community events, weddings, and private events.