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Zoning Maps & Subdivision Maps
Zoning maps are available from the Community Development Department at City Hall, 601 Carmen Drive. There is a fee charge for the zoning map. Call (805) 388-5360 for more information. Other maps of all subdivisions located in the City of Camarillo may be obtained from the Department of Public Works at City Hall. You may call the Public Works Department (805) 388-5340 weekdays between 8 AM and 5 PM. 
Zoning Map

Zoning Ordinance - General Information
The City's Zoning Ordinance, which is administered by the Community Development Department, was adopted by the City Council in 1976 and is updated from time to time. It controls the size of parcels, height of buildings, and landscaping of structures such as fences, buildings, garages, and additions to houses and businesses. The Zoning   Ordinance  specifies the types of land uses allowed in different parts of the city. For example, you cannot conduct a commercial business in a residential area, except for limited uses allowed under a homeoccupation permit which is subject to certain conditions. The Zoning Ordinance is designed to protect city residents from conflicting activities being conducted near their homes and businesses. 

If you think someone may be violating the Zoning Ordinance or if you have a question about the ordinance, call the Community Development Department at (805) 388-5360. 

Zoning Ordinance - Land Use
All land in the City of Camarillo is zoned for either residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural or open space purposes. The Zoning Ordinance, describes specific purposes for which land in each zoning category may be used. Specific development conditions may also be mandated by the General Plan, such as the Community Design Element or Scenic Highways Element. Some uses are permitted as a matter of right, while others require a planned development permit or conditional use permit. 

Questions about various uses, conditional use permits, variances, or the requirements of the Zoning Ordinance should be directed to the Community Development Department at (805) 388-5360. 

Camarillo Municipal Code (Title 19 ZONING*)