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Parking Citations

The registered owner or lessee of the vehicle charged with the violation(s) described on the parking citation shall, within 21 days of the citation date, do one of the following to answer charges:

  • By mail:  Personal check or money order payable to City of Camarillo.  Reference the parking citation number on the payment and mail to PO Box 37, Camarillo, CA  93011-0037, must include a good day time phone number.
  • By phone:  Visa & MasterCard (805) 388-5335.
  • In person:  Payment may be made using a Visa, MasterCard, money order, personal check, or cash at Camarillo City Hall, 601 Carmen Dr.
  • Deny Liability:  Submit an Administrative Review form (CVC 40215).  Review forms are available at City Hall or may be printed from this website.

Parking Citation Appeals/Deny Liability
If you were cited for parking in a disabled parking space (No Permit Displayed – CVC 22507.8(A)) and you have a current valid disabled placard, submit a copy of your current placard registration, a copy of the placard and a completed Administrative Review form along with a check for $18 within the 21 days of the citation date (CVC 40226).

An Administrative Review form can be submitted within 21 days of the citation either by mail or in person.

Upon receipt of the Administrative Review form, the due date of the citation ceases until a determination has been made by the Camarillo Police Department.  A copy of the Administrative Review form will be returned to the respondent with a determination marked on the bottom of the form.

  • If the respondent is deemed NOT LIABLE, then no further action is required of the respondent and the citation is dismissed.
  • If the respondent is deemed LIABLE, then the respondent has 15 days from the mailed date on the form to either pay the citation or pursue it further.

If the respondent is deemed liable and wish to pursue it further, you must present the signed Administrative Review form and pay the amount of the parking fine to the City of Camarillo within 15 days from the mailed date on the form.  A hearing date and time will be appointed.  If after the hearing the respondent is still deemed liable, the parking citation will be considered closed and no further action is required.  If after the hearing the respondent is deemed not liable, a refund check for the parking fine will be issued and mailed within 6 to 8 weeks.

For questions regarding the process, please call (805) 388-5335.

Oversized Vehicle Parking Restrictions/Permit