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Debt Management


The City of Camarillo and the Camarillo Sanitary District currently have municipal bonds outstanding. Investors interested in purchasing bonds issued by the City of Camarillo can access that information on the DAC Website, or you should contact a financial institution or brokerage firm. If you are the holder of City of Camarillo bonds and need information, please contact your broker or the paying agent listed on your bond. For any additional information, please contact the Finance Department at 388-5320, weekdays from 8 AM to 5 PM.

IRMA Exemption Letter
Application Submission Guidelines


Please navigate to in your web browser’s address bar to view or obtain CFD-related information relevant to your property.  You can enter your assessor’s parcel number and obtain the current year’s tax amount,  the property address, community facilities district number, and the final year of the tax.   

Pursuant to Government Code 53343.2 (AB 1666), commencing with the fiscal year ending July, 1, 2017 certain annual and periodic reports must be posted on a website and available to the public.  These reports can be found by clicking on the button entitled “TRANSPARENCY” which is located at