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General Plan

The City of Camarillo's General Plan is a comprehensive, long-range guide for the development of the community. It consists of nine elements: CURB, Land Use, Circulation, Housing, Recreation, Open Space and Conservation, Community Design, Safety, and Noise. Each element contains specific goals, policies, and programs to be implemented.  The General Plan, which is adopted by the City Council, establishes policy for the physical development of the city.

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The individual elements are updated periodically by the Community Development Department and reflect changes made as a result of contributions from other City departments, public agencies, and citizens. Copies of the General Plan can be reviewed in the Community Development Department at City Hall, located at 601 Carmen Drive, or here on the web site. The number to call for information is (805) 388-5360. 

Each Element must consist of an identification and analysis of existing and projected housing needs, and a statement of goals, policies, quantified objectives and scheduled programs for the preservation, improvement and development of housing. It is also required to identify adequate sites for housing and to make adequate provision for the existing and projected needs of all economic segments of the community.