Community Development
Code Compliance
Phone (805) 383-5660

Code Compliance

The Code Compliance Division is responsible for implementation of the Municipal Code including zoning/land use, property maintenance, conservation, inoperable vehicles on private property and substandard housing. The Division is also responsible for processing permits such as Home Occupation Permits. For more information, call (805) 383-5660.

The Code Compliance Division is also responsible for enforcing weed and property maintenance ordinances, including weed over-growth of vegetation, inoperable or junk motor vehicles, unkempt property, rubbish, debris, and trash accumulation. To report suspected violations, please call (805) 383-5660.

Though most homes and neighborhoods in Camarillo are well maintained, occasional encouragement is required to see that the community standards are met. The City of Camarillo maintains Pro-Active Residential inspections.
All properties in the city are reviewed twice a year, as well as, on an ongoing daily basis by the Community Development Code Compliance officers.

When calling the Code Compliance Division to report suspected violations, please remember to leave your name, address, and phone number in the event a return call is required for additional or follow up information.

Top Code Compliance Violations:

Trash Recepticles Stored in Public View
Outside Storage
Maintenance of Property
Construction Debris
Smoking Control Areas
RV Parking
Stagnant Swimming Pools
Graffiti (Public Property) Hotline 388-5338