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Rent Review Mediation

The City Council established a Rent Review Mediation Commission to provide a forum to assist in the resolution of rent disputes between tenants and landlords for residential rental complexes (with five or more units) and mobilehome parks (with 25 or more spaces).

A park/residential rental complex tenant who receives notice of a proposed rent increase (which he/she feels is unfair or unreasonable) may request review of the proposed rent increase. If the increase is to affect 25% or more tenants with non-fixed leases within the park or residential rental complex over the next 12 months, the request must be signed by at least five tenants affected by the proposed increase.

For more information: Rent Review Mediation Ordinance and Request for Mediation Form

For questions regarding Rent Review Mediation, contact the City Clerk’s office at (805) 388-5353 or [email protected].

California's New Tenant Protection Act  The Tenant Protection Act (AB 1482) was effective January 1, 2020.
AB 1482 provides for an annual cap on rent increases at 5% plus local inflation, not to exceed a total of 10%; applies to most apartments and other multi-family buildings containing two or more units, does not apply to buildings constructed within the past 15 years, and prohibits evictions without just cause
See full text here (AB 1482).
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