Economic Development Survey

The City of Camarillo is beginning preparation of an Economic Development Strategic Plan, and your input is critical to the success of the planning process.  The Plan will provide a comprehensive blueprint for generating quality economic growth in Camarillo.

All Camarillo residents and members of the local business community are invited to provide input to the process through a brief online survey, which will be available here: during the month of November.


What is an Economic Development Strategic Plan?

The City of Camarillo’s Economic Development Strategic Plan will provide a “road map” for attracting business investment, creating jobs, and ensuring the City’s long-term fiscal health. The Plan will identify growing, high-wage industries that could be the focus of future business retention/expansion/attraction efforts. The Plan will also consider closely-related issues such as infrastructure, land use, housing and workforce development.

The City has retained The Natelson Dale Group, Inc. (TNDG) – an economic development consulting firm with experience throughout the United States – to lead the strategic planning process. During the planning process, TNDG will:


  • Provide background research about Camarillo’s current economic conditions to enable community stakeholders to make decisions based on accurate, up-to-date      information;


  • Identify growing, high-wage industries that Camarillo could potentially target for future expansion or attraction;


  • Complete a real estate market analysis to quantify potential development demand for new retail/restaurant, office, industrial and hotel facilities (taking into consideration the City’s fairly limited supply of developable land);


  • Assess a range of “foundational issues” affecting Camarillo’s capacity for future economic development (including infrastructure, workforce, housing, quality of life, development environment);


  • Prepare a strategic Action Plan based on the consultants’ research and local stakeholder input. The Action Plan will provide a detailed “road map” for pursuing quality economic growth in Camarillo.

Key issues that will be evaluated during the course of the planning process include:

Core industries/labor demand:

  • Industry      growth/retraction trends
  • Workforce      requirements and the degree to which they match local supply
  • Relation      to Ventura County and regional trends
  • Targeted      industries of competing communities in the region

Workforce/labor supply:

  • Current      skill levels and other pertinent characteristics of the local labor pool
  • Commute      patterns and relationship to region
  • Overall      demographic shifts affecting workforce development
  • Appropriate      comparisons to State and regional benchmarks
  • Barriers      to attracting technical workforce

Foundational elements:

  • Real      estate (land/building capacity to support new commercial/industrial      development)
  • Infrastructure      (transportation, telecommunications, utilities, etc.)
  • Workforce      training and placement programs/service providers
  • Public      (K-12) and higher education
  • Public/nonprofit      economic development organizations
  • Funding/resource      levels for economic development programs
  • Community      aesthetics and other quality of life issues
  • City/County      regulatory and permitting environment


While the consultants’ research will provide an important “snapshot” of current conditions, the most important outcome of the process will be the preparation of an Action Plan that defines implementable strategies to achieve Camarillo’s economic goals.